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This year we will be offering two exciting Summer Programmes with a range of fun and educational activities for children and young people aged 3 and up.

Young Explorers' Day Camp

Around the World in Eight Weeks

Children aged three to eleven are invited to join our Young Explorers' Day Camp this summer and enjoy a variety of fun, exciting and educational activities in English and Spanish.

Each week we will be exploring a different country, finding out about its culture, traditions, landscapes, animals and much more. Children will use recycled materials to transform our classrooms into cities, towns and rural villages as they design and prepare exciting presentations complete with music and dances. Parents and guardians will be welcome to take a guided tour of our countries and to watch our presentations each Friday.

Through a variety of games, fun projects, trips and activities students will collect stamps as they journey through France, Egypt, Kenya, China, Australia, Hawaii, the USA and Brazil. The design of the programme allows explorers to join at the beginning of each week for a new adventure, while those who continue with us enjoy a different range of activities.

With our flexible drop-off and pick-up times, our young explorers may join us between 9:00 and 10:00 each morning and be collected between 14:30 and 15:30 in the afternoon.

Troyanos Tennis Academy are offering optional tennis sessions every morning from 9:00 to 10:00. During this time children will be taught by professional tennis coaches.

Lunch-boxes, containing healthy picnic-style lunches, may be pre ordered and will be provided by Villablanca Catering.*

ProCoach Summer Programme

We are delighted to be hosting ProCoach's Summer Programme for young people aged 10 and up. This four-week programme will run throughout the month of July and will be delivered by ProCoach.

Throughout the fun and interesting programme, participants will learn about fitness and nutrition, while enjoying a wide variety of sporting activities.

The programme will run on weekdays from 9:30 to 14:30. Each day, all participants will benefit from a one-hour workout, tailored for each individual's fitness level and ability, during which they will develop coordination skills, agility and teamwork with circuits, obstacle courses and krosskids workout stations. After a healthy snack, they will explore health, nutrition and dietary habits through a variety of practical and engaging activities. In the afternoon they will head to the beach for fun water sports and games.

Each week participants are invited to spend one day enjoying different sports, games and activities either at the nearby beach or in a natural, outdoor environment outside of the school grounds. On the final day of the programme they will be invited to attend a ceremony, during which certificates and medals will be awarded.

"Our objective is to teach children, by example, how to take care of themselves and their eating habits. The health of our children and their proper development is very important to us. By obtaining knowledge of how to exercise and maintain a healthy diet, they will develop better physical and mental performance. Our day-camp will be dynamic and very entertaining." ProCoach

The cost of the programme for students enrolled at Mayfair International Academy for the coming academic year is 130€ per week. For those not enrolled at Mayfair International Academy the cost is 140€ per week. To sign up please contact the school reception.

Summer school prices 2018 for Mayfair Students
Summer school prices 2018 for Non-Mayfair Students

Please note, weeks do not need to be consecutive but must be paid for in advance in order for the discount to apply.

*Optional excursions and lunches are provided at an additional cost.

Mayfair Academy Summer Camp 2018
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