Foundation Stage - School Life

Children arrive at school from 8:50 and registration takes place at 9:00. The school day ends at 15:30, at which time children are either collected or begin their after-school activity. During the day the Foundation Classes follow a balanced timetable with breaks for play and lunch. The school bus arrives at the school at approximately 8:50 and departs just after 15:30.

The Foundation Classes regularly join the Primary department for assemblies. Each month one class is selected to perform a presentation for the other students on a topic of their choosing, allowing children to practise public speaking from the age of three. 

At Mayfair International Academy every child is placed into one of our four 'tribes' and regular inter-tribe competitions and activities take place throughout the year. These activities provide Foundation Stage children the invaluable opportunity to meet older students in a safe and controlled environment. Educational events, such as World Science Day activities and paired-reading also allow Foundation Stage children to work with students from the Primary department and to meet Secondary students, ensuring a smooth transition from the Foundation Department at the end of the two-year course.

All children are required to wear our school uniform, which must be purchased from our school uniform provider.

Each Child is Unique

Foundation classes at Mayfair Academy In our Foundation Stage every child has one lesson of Spanish per day, which is delivered in a language-immersion environment, allowing them to learn both the language and the Spanish culture.