A Cambridge School - Cambridge English

As a Cambridge English preparation centre we prepare our students, for whom English is a second or additional language, for Cambridge English examinations.

Cambridge English assessments are in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding. Cambridge English qualifications for schools are based on research into effective teaching and learning and are designed with school-aged learners in mind. They provide a strong framework to help children and teenagers gain confidence and improve their English language skills, step by step.

Cambridge English examinations are based on real-life situations, helping learners to develop the skills they need to communicate and thrive outside the classroom. They are accepted and trusted by over 20,000 organisations worldwide. They are a mark of excellence and open doors to exciting higher education and employment opportunities.

Cambridge English is a unique approach that combines Cambridge English Language Assessment and Cambridge University Press. The exams are backed by extensive, world-class research, carried out by one of the world’s largest dedicated language research teams. The qualifications are designed so that each exam builds on the skills learners develop at the previous level.

Minimum levels of Cambridge English at each Stage
Young LearnersFor SchoolsAdvanced
Starters Movers Flyers KET PET Advanced
S2 S4 S8 S7/8 S8/9 S10/11

The table above outlines the minimum level of Cambridge English that we expect our students to have achieved by the corresponding Stages. Students may, however, be working towards or have achieved a higher level of Cambridge English.