After-School Enrichment Programmes

At Mayfair International Academy we aim to offer at least one free after-school activity per day for each age group. Our after-school programmes are designed to enhance and enrich our curriculum. We review the clubs on offer every term, taking into account requests and feedback from our parents, guardians and students.

In addition to our free after-school programmes, our students may also join a number of after-school activities delivered by external instructors, for which there is a fee per session.

This academic year we have launched a new cross-curricular, project-based after-school programme aimed at students in Lower Secondary. These activities are linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and each term we focus on a different goal.

Our current focus is Global Goal Number 2: Zero Hunger. The aim is to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. We are running five free after-school programmes that are directly linked to this global goal, while other programmes will be incorporating some related work into projects.

Our current after-school programmes include:

Project-Based Global Goals Programmes

Participating students plan to run a farmer’s market in the school at the end of the term. They design and produce a business plan, as well as plan and create marketing materials. All proceeds from the market will be donated to a related charity.

Learners research The United Nations’ Global Goal Number 2: Zero-Hunger and produce an informative newsletter for other students, parents and guardians. They learn about hunger as a global issue, while finding out what the United Nations aims to achieve and how they plan to do this, as well as writing about what we are doing to help.

Participants research the global issue of hunger in Spanish-speaking countries around the world. They then go on to produce a research report on their findings.

Students design and create a vegetable garden within the school grounds. They learn about sustainability, investigate seasonal crops and experiment with vegetables that can be regrown from kitchen scraps.

Students take a look at a number of different places, while considering the United Nations Global Goal Number 2: Zero Hunger. They will be looking at the cultures, traditions and other aspects of life in a variety of countries around the world.

Academic Enrichment Programmes

Students enjoy reading and exploring a variety of Julia Donaldson books in this after-school activity aimed at lower Primary Stages.

Students learn and practice the game of chess, under the guidance and supervision a chess master.

Students are encouraged to explore different forms of creative writing and to produce short stories or poems for Young Writers’ competitions.

Participating students will learn how Mathematics is taught in different countries around the world, such as the famous Japanese method that provides students with a solid mathematical foundation, while giving them the skills to perform very fast mental maths. They will also be learning about some of the world’s most famous mathematicians and what they have achieved.

Our youngest learners are invited to enjoy a variety of activities in English throughout this programme, which is specifically designed for our Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our youngest students enjoy listening to a variety of age-appropriate stories and poetry in English during this after-school activity.

Robonautas offer a fun and educational, project-based robotics programme, in which students learn to build and programme robots with purpose-built kits and software.

Arts & Music

Participating students enjoy experimenting with a variety of art and design techniques, as they work towards producing an exhibit for the end of the term.

Learners will explore singing and song-writing under the guidance of a professional musician, as they learn about different aspects of music and the music industry. Throughout the programme they will write a song for our Summer Show and record the final piece.

Students are introduced to the basics of rhythm and percussion. They are encouraged to explore and experiment with different instruments and progress at a pace that suits each individual.

Students are guided step-by-step by a professional photographer as they learn to express and develop their ideas and visions through photography. They also work towards producing photographs for our annual photography exhibit, which is on display throughout the upper level of the school.

Participating students learn and sing a variety of songs, while preparing for our Summer Show, during which they will have the opportunity to perform as a group.


This programme introduces our youngest students to the French language, as they explore and play in a language-immersion environment.

Throughout this programme students will participate in a variety of activities and games delivered in a language-immersion environment to reinforce learning.

Our youngest learners enjoy a variety of traditional Spanish games, delivered in a language-immersion environment.

Sports & Fitness

Club Internacional de Esgrima de Andaluzia trains students from beginner level upwards in the elegant discipline of fencing. Mayfair International students regularly participate in local, national and international fencing competitions.

Participating students practise a variety of practical skills including: warm-up exercises; passing skills; shooting; attack and defence; heading; goalkeeping; match play; and teamwork.

Participating students train at long-distance running off-site, while learning about nutrition and the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Throughout this term-long programme students work towards their goal of participating in a sponsored run in order to raise funds for a charity related to the United Nations’ Global Goal Number 2: Zero Hunger.

ProCoach is a physical preparation and healthy eating programme, designed to promote wellbeing. It is based on a circuits system, which is adapted to the physical development and promotion of healthy eating habits of children and teenagers.

Our Foundation Stage students are invited to try out a variety of sports in this multi-sports club, which is designed specifically for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Participating students receive tennis tuition from professional tennis coaches at Troyano's Tennis Academy. These sessions take place off-site at purpose-built tennis courts. Mayfair International Academy students regularly participate in local, national and international tennis competitions.

Students learn and practice yoga for children, including body exercises, breathing techniques and visualisation exercises. This programme introduces children to yoga in a fun and safe way, allowing them to develop a balanced mind and body.