Foundation Stage - Curriculum

Our Foundation classes follow the British Early Years National Curriculum, which covers the three prime and four specific areas of learning.

Throughout the two-year programme the following subjects are integrated into the weekly schedule for each class:

Communication and language development provides learners with opportunities to speak and listen in a range of situations, allowing them to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves. We use Schofield and Sims resources, which are written by expert teachers to support the EYFS curriculum, encouraging a multi-sensory approach that incorporates hearing, speaking and understanding, as well as touch, sight and movement.

Our Physical Development programme provides opportunities for children to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness. The course was developed and written in partnership with a highly regarded consultant in the field and is closely linked to the four strands of the revised National Curriculum. The two-year programme encourages young children to gain control of their bodies while learning how to keep healthy and active and how to use equipment and materials successfully and safely.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) is recognised as one of the building blocks of success in life. It supports children's development by helping them to interact effectively and develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others. The PSED curriculum is broken down into three aspects: self-confidence and awareness; managing feelings and behaviour; and making relationships.

Throughout the Foundation Department learners develop pre-reading skills as they learn to read and spell. Students practise phonic skills orally by saying and listening to letter sounds, trace and form letter shapes and remember letter shapes by using pictures, rhymes and hand movements. Sound phonics prepares children for full fluency in reading, writing and spelling through intensive phonics practice.

Foundation Stage learners develop mathematical knowledge and early number skills including matching, sequencing and counting. Through a range of excercises, familiar songs and rhymes, our students cover concepts including money, shape and measure while reinforcing pre-reading skills.

Through cross-curricular themes students develop a conceptual understanding of the world in which they live. The to-year programme is designed to develop children's awareness of their environment, helping to sharpen their powers of observation and encourage enthusiasm for learning.

We incorporate a variety of aspects of expressive arts and design into our Foundation Stage curriculum, using a topic-based, cross-curricular approach to support children's learning in art, design and music and other subjects through expressive arts and design. Each unit is designed to encourage children to share their ideas and feelings through art, music, movement, dance, role play and design and technology.

Throughout the Foundation Stage we follow Anaya's ¡Qué idea! for 3 and 4 year olds, which is a project-based programme. This scheme is enhanced by our native Spanish teachers and the language immersion environment in which it is delivered. ¡Qué idea! is designed to provide learners with useful tools for primary education, covering the basic skills, with topics carefully selected to be of interest to each age range. Children develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, while gaining accurate pronunciation and intonation. 'Conocimiento del Medio' (Social and Natural Sciences) is incorporated into our Spanish as a Foreign Language classes, allowing students to gain knowledge about the Spanish culture, history, festivities and the geography of Spain.

Each Child is Unique

Foundation classes at Mayfair Academy In our Foundation Stage every child has one lesson of Spanish per day, which is delivered in a language-immersion environment, allowing them to learn both the language and the Spanish culture.