Young Athletes' Programme

In September 2018 we launched our Young Athletes’ programme designed for learners who compete at a regional, national or international level in their chosen sport. The programme was trialled for the initial term with four secondary learners and is now being offered to additional eligible students.

Our Young Learners are closely monitored by our Management Team, in order to ensure they flourish both in academics and in their sporting careers. In order to accommodate training and competitions, Young Athletes can be excused from some subjects, upon agreement between the parents/guardians and the Management Team, and allowed to attend competitions that fall during term time, so long as schoolwork is completed remotely.

Young Athletes are expected to behave in an exemplary manner and to be role models for the rest of the school community. They must attend and participate in all school-wide events and maintain excellent punctuality and attendance records. Absences due to competitions and/or organised and required training sessions will not count towards the Young Athletes’ overall attendance record if all set work has been completed to an acceptable standard and submitted within the allocated timeframe.

We work closely with the families and coaches of our Young Athletes and require direct contact with both prior to the commencement of the programme. For some sports we work only with coaches and organisations with whom we have a prior agreement and who we believe share our beliefs and values.

This programme is currently available by invitation only, however learners may apply to be considered. Young Athletes must:

  • be regularly achieving Silver or Gold in all subjects including the core subjects.
  • have competed at regional, national or international level at least twice in the past 12 months.
  • submit a comprehensive training plan, including all tournament dates for the academic year ahead.
  • provide the contact details of the coach/training institution.
  • be willing and able to positively represent Mayfair Academy at school, outside of school and at events.

To apply to be considered for this programme please contact

Meet our Young Athletes

Young Athlete Christina Albertazzi - Golf

Christina Albertazzi - Golf

Christina regularly participates in regional and national golf competitions. In 2018 she took the title of 'champion' in five competitions including the Circuito Juvanil Real Guadalhorce Málaga, the Circuito Juvanil Real Club Pineda in Seville and the Gran Premio Alevin La Cañada. Most recently, Christina gained second place in the Peewee Girls category of the CJGA World Junior Challenge in Florida.

Young Athlete Freddy Dixon - Fencing

Freddy Dixon - Fencing

Freddy started fencing at the age of five and has become a regular participant in local, national and international competitions. In 2018 he won the V Torneo Internacional Villa de Manila and went on to achieve 9th place in the Criterium Nacional in Madrid (equivalent of the Spanish Championship for under 10s). Most recently he won the IX Torneo Internacional Ciudad de San Roque in December 2018.

Young Athlete Matthew Marrocco - Karting

Matthew Marrocco - Karting

Matthew gained the title of Andalusian Champion in his first year of professional karting at the age of 8. Since then he has continued to compete regionally, nationally and internationally. Most recently, he competed in a world championship in Las Vegas, where he was placed 27th out of 600 pilots from around the globe.

Young Athlete Pablo Troyano - Tennis

Pablo Troyano - Tennis

Pablo trains with Troyanos Tennis Academy and competes regionally, nationally and internationally, while preparing for his IGCSE examinations this year. In 2018 he made it to the semi-final of the La Lina Senior competition and participated in the ITF Future ATP competitions in Portugal, Spain and Morocco. He is currently preparing for the ITF Junior Circuit in 2019.

Young Athlete Sofia Troyano - Tennis

Sofia Troyano - Tennis

Sofia trains with Troyanos Tennis Academy and has been competing regionally, nationally and internationally for many years. In 2018 she took the title of 'champion' in the Babolat Cup Andalucia Occidental and the Open de Huelva. She also became a finalist in the Babolat Cup Andalucia and competed in the Tennis Europe Junior Tour. She is now preparing for the Tennis Europe Circuit in 2019.