School Life

At Mayfair International Academy we promote a strong sense of school community, encouraging each individual to build close, supportive relationships with others and ensuring that every learner can enjoy a sense of belonging.

All students are required to attend school regularly and to arrive punctually, wearing the correct school uniform.

As a small, family-run school we encourage parental involvement. To this end we insist that prospective parents/guardians meet with one of our Directors and Head of School prior to enrolment. By doing so you will gain a true sense of our school life and together we will begin to design an educational plan that suits your child, your family and your individual circumstances.

In the interest of our students we do not offer short-term enrolment or trial days.

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Sense of Community

Community Sense at Mayfair Academy, British International School on the Costa del Sol Upon enrolment each student is allocated into one of our four school tribes. Regular inter-tribe competitions and activities take place throughout the year and allow students to work closely with learners from other Stages.