Primary - Introduction

Mayfair International Academy is Málaga's first Cambridge Primary school. Cambridge Primary offers an international curriculum for 5 to 11 year olds, providing a world-class curriculum. Cambridge Primary prepares students for a smooth transition to Cambridge Secondary, allowing learners to begin their journey towards success at Cambridge GCSE and A-Level from the very first day of their Primary education.

All Primary students receive daily Spanish lessons, which are delivered in a language-immersion environment. Primary Spanish classes are split by ability and the Spanish as a Foreign Language and Lengua Castellana y Conocimiento del Medio classes are delivered simultaneously in separate classrooms by qualified, native Spanish teachers.

We understand the importance of preparing children for the challenges of the modern world and, as such, we incorporate subjects such as Information and Communications Technology, following the Cambridge ICT Starters programme, into our timetable from Stage 1.

Students of the twenty-first century require life skills including critical thinking, self-control and communication to allow them to compete on a global scale when they leave school. At Mayfair International Academy we provide our students with daily opportunities to develop these skills through problem-solving, working in groups, encouraging new ways of thinking and supporting the children in their quest to gain experience and knowledge.

Parental Involvement is Key

Primary School - Mayfair International Academy Estepona Parents and guardians have regular contact with their child's Class Teachers, strengthening the bond between the school and the family. We believe that parental involvement in children's school life is very important and yields many positive benefits.