Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage classes provide a friendly, stimulating and child-centred learning environment, which enables students aged three to five to settle in quickly and happily. Over the two-year Early Years Foundation Stage programme, children develop the social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills that lay the groundwork for Primary education.

At this stage, children develop quickly and their experiences have a major impact on their future. By maintaining our maximum class size of 16 students, each child has the opportunity and encouragement to flourish, providing the best possible start to their learning journey.

We understand that each child is unique and that children develop in different ways and at different rates. Our dedicated teaching team allows our students to explore their personality, talents and abilities. Learners develop basic literacy and numeracy skills while establishing foundations in science, geography, history and social sciences.

Parents and guardians have daily contact with our Foundation Stage teaching team, ensuring that we provide the best quality of education and care that fits with your needs and values. Working in partnership with our parents and guardians is central to our Foundation Stage.

Each Child is Unique

Foundation classes at Mayfair Academy In our Foundation Stage every child has one lesson of Spanish per day, which is delivered in a language-immersion environment, allowing them to learn both the language and the Spanish culture.