Our Vision

Mayfair Academy is committed to ensuring that learning is a joyful adventure, which is intertwined with the pursuit of educational excellence and personal discovery. We aim to make a real impact on each and every child in order that they may shape the future, while achieving success beyond their wildest dreams.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the greatest impact that we can on each and every one of our learners, not only educationally but also spiritually, morally, socially and ethically. We aim to ensure that every student is prepared for life and ready to become a productive member of our global society.

We believe that by maintaining small class sizes we can make a greater impact on each of our learners. We aim to work with all of our parents and guardians to raise children who are polite, kind, empathetic, responsible and respectful. We encourage our learners to challenge the status quo, set their sights high and reach for the stars.

All of our students are regularly involved in extra-curricular activities that focus on global and local issues, charitable initiatives, cultural awareness, teamwork and creativity. We regularly invite our parents and guardians to join us for whole-school events, fostering a strong sense of school community. We further promote this positive atmosphere by encouraging our older students to act as approachable role models for our younger learners.

We believe that positive relationships must be built on trust, honesty and transparency. We enjoy daily communication with our parents and guardians and constantly strive to find additional and improved ways to share information and experiences with our families. We don’t believe that children can be taught to follow rules simply by making it impossible for the rules to be broken; we believe that children should be taught to understand and abide by the rules. We trust our learners to respect boundaries and our older learners to guide those who are younger or newer to our school. We enjoy listening to our learners, hearing their views and opinions on many different matters and we actively encourage them to approach our Directors with ideas and suggestions.

We believe that education should be an adventure. Everyone knows that children are born with a readiness to learn and a desire to explore. We believe that learners must play a central role in their own learning process. They learn best by trying, exploring, doing and even by failing. We encourage our students to question why they are learning what they are learning, as we believe this will help them to play a bigger role in their own education.

Each and every member of our school community is recognised, valued and appreciated as an individual. Our team enjoys getting to know every learner and his or her family.